“Banga” is Bengal and “Darpan” means mirror. So I would like to say that I am trying to see myself and ourselves those are living in West Bengal. Only I can see West Bengal because other part of Bengal (East) is now another Country, so it is restricted for us to see that part. So let see what Wikipedia comments about West Bengal. Just I have quote from Wikipedia here below:

“West Bengal (Bengali: পশ্চিম বঙ্গ Poshchim Bônggo, pronounced [poʃtʃim bɔŋɡo]) is astate in eastern regions of India and is the nation’s fourth most populous. It is also the seventh most populous sub-national entity in the world. West Bengal is the third largest contributor to India’s GDP and has the second-largest voters in India. West Bengal, together with Bangladesh lying on its east, forms the historical and geographical region of Bengal. To its northeast lie the states of Assam and Sikkim and the country Bhutan, and to its southwest lies the state of Orissa. To the west it borders the states of Jharkhand and Bihar, and to the northwest, Nepal.

The Bengal region was part of several kingdoms and dynasties of the Indian history. The British East India Company cemented their hold on the region following the Battle of Plasseyin 1757, and the city of Calcutta, now Kolkata, served for many years as the capital of British India. A hotbed of the Indian independence movement through the early 20th century, Bengal was divided in 1947 along religious lines into two separate entities, West Bengal—a state of India, and East Bengal, a part of the new nation of Pakistan which later became Bangladesh. Following India’s independence in 1947, West Bengal’s economic and political systems were dominated for many decades by Marxism, Naxalite movements and trade unionism.

An agriculture-dependent state, West Bengal occupies only 2.7% of the India’s land area, though it supports over 7.8% of the Indian population, and is the most densely populated state in India. West Bengal has had Communist Party of India (Marxist)-led Left Front rule for three decades, making it the world’s longest-running democratically elected communist government. Despite recent economic advancement, West Bengal remains one of the poor states in India, stricken by political instability and bad governance, political culture of strikes/bandhs, abysmal health care services, poor infrastructure and high corruption with lawlessness.”

With this Blog I shall try to bring some information and news about the West Bengal that people want to change this system (not only political change), because we love our place. And I think people are interested to know about the East Bengal (now Bangladesh) also. So if I get some special information from East Bengal of-course I will share.

Please send your comments.

Regards from,

Banga Darpan
191, Elias Road, Agarpara,
Kolkata – 700058, India
email: bangadarpan@gmail.com


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